There is a number of ways in which you can contribute to the website and help fellow members prepare for the test.

1. Share your experience
The simplest way to contribute is by simply leaving your feedback in the comment section. You can tell others about your experience, give advice or share some tips. Passing on your wisdom will allow other members to learn from your experience and improve their performance.

2. Contribute Content

Are there any interesting stories that you would like to share with other members? Perhaps your success story or the latest change in the immigration policy that you recently heard about? Your story could be valuable or inspiring. Either way, we would like to hear from you and feature it on our blog, bringing our community together.

3. Share us on Social Media/Forums

Believe or not, but sharing us on social media, leaving a comment in the comment section doesn’t go unnoticed. By spreading the word, you make it easier for other people to find us so they can make use of the free resources we offer. And if you don’t know anyone who has to pass the Life in the UK Test, why not share it with your friends for them to try it out and see whether they can pass?

4. Recycle your books
Finished studying for the test? Still have the 3rd edition handbook lying around, collecting dust? Why not simply post it to somebody who needs it in the comment section, or donate it to us? We will find it a new home and save a tree.

5. Donate
Last but not least, donate. Every donation raises funds to hire developers to add new features and functionality to the website while keeping it free.